Winter Wheels


Why choose winter wheels?

Tire Handlers offers a large selection of steel winter wheels that are manufactured to withstand harsh Canadian winters. Steel wheels are heavier than aluminum alloy which lowers a vehicle’s centre of gravity and generally speaking, makes your car drive more like a tank. When compared with alloy wheels, steel wheels provide a significant physical advantage in taking on the elements of cold Canadian climates. The added weight of steel winter wheels helps your tires grip the road and perform better on ice and snow.

Steel vs Alloy

Steel winter wheels are considerably stronger than alloy wheels making durable both in strength or material and finish. Although some may not like the utilitarian look of black steel wheels, they can be dressed up with hub caps and cosmetic damage is generally not an issue. It’s for all these reasons why they make great all-purpose wheels for winter conditions.

Steel wheels are generally made in sizes ranging from 14 to 17 inches and are usually 60-70% more cost effective than alloy wheels. Tire Handlers has steel winter wheels for all vehicle makes and models.

For more information on winter wheels for your vehicle, please Contact Us for prices and sizing.