Summer Wheels


Why choose alloy summer wheels?

Alloy summer wheels offers both performance and style to your vehicle. The manufacturing process of alloy summer wheels allow for intricate and bold designs. With almost endless style, colour, and sizing variations, alloy summer wheels will give your automobile that look of distinction it deserves. Alloy wheels provide increased summer performance over their steel made counterparts as they are lighter, more agile, and provide a road dampening effect which helps reduce vibrations.

Strength vs Price

Alloy wheels are typically manufactured by either forging or casting methods. Although forging typically produces a stronger wheel than casting, the cost of forged wheels are much higher.

Sizing of alloy wheels can range from 13 to 24 inches and Tire Handlers offers one of the largest online selections of high quality alloy summer wheels in Canada. Our sizeable selection of summer wheels are available to automobile owners who want lighter, more visually appealing, rarer, and/or larger wheels on their vehicle.

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